Joe Lok 駱偉民

Taoist designate Bright and Clear 道號明清

Dragon Gate Taoist  20th generation 全真龍門  第二十代 傳人  Founder 宗師   Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong 鳳舞祥雲氣功     Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi 八仙過海太極

Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi 八仙過海太極

Online Course 網上課程

With Immortals Crossing the Sea you may find valuable insights for your tai chi. The form is structured for a smooth flow of energy to create a momentum of power. The posture, the movements, the angles of the body, the steps and stands are all clearly demonstrated in the instruction videos according to traditional authentic tai chi principles. 道中有法 法中有度 理明則功顯 勤練者功成 身法 手法 馬 步 功理 功法 盡演示於課程教學視頻

八仙過海 Immortals Crossing the Sea

道功太極 Taoist Tai Chi

For easy learning of tai chi by offering simple but precise instructions on the basics, relaxation, breathing, posture, steps and movements for the energy flow training towards effective health benefits, smooth momentum and a graceful choreography for beginners as well as advancement to mastery.
為求進步 化繁為簡 由淺入深 從基本功出發 悉心勤練 以達至高境界  


鳳舞祥雲氣功 Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Healing Qigong 八仙過海太極 Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi


駱偉民 Joe Lok

道號明清 全真龍門 第二十代傳人 Taoist Designate Bright and Clear Dragon Gate 20th generation Profound theories and authentic instructions in a scientific approach with simple methods for effective results benefiting students worldwide 循道理 依法度 論科學 跟傳統 簡易教學 注重效益 受惠學員遍佈寰宇

Immortals Crossing the Sea 八仙過海

Taoist Tai Chi 道家太極

Tai Chi is for balance. Any deviation from the equilibrium has to be restored. In the practice of tai chi, the most crucial but difficult are relaxation, breathing, angles, steps and stands. The essential methods of training are clearly illustrated in this online course. 太極者 平衡也 失衡者 必須回歸中和 中和則合道 天地恆久之理也 太極之練習 貴乎 身法 步法 呼吸 放鬆 種種練法 盡在此教學課程之中

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 2. 電子書 Immortals Tai Chi Book

    • 八仙過海太極書 Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi book - Epub

    • 八仙過海太極書 Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi book - PDF

  • 3

    Chapter 3. 套路演示 Form Demonstration

    • 八仙過海道功太極演示 Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi demonstration

  • 4

    Chapter 4. 簡介 Introduction

    • 簡介 Introduction

    • 掌形 Palm Shape

    • 無極 Wuji

  • 5

    Chapter 5 教學 Instructions

    • 1. 神龍現身 Emerging Dragon

    • 2. 二郎擔山 Immortal Lifting Mountain

    • 3. 青龍出海 Dragon into Ocean

    • 4. 龍虎風雲 Dragon Tiger Confrontation

    • 5. 騰龍翻身 Flying Dragon

    • 6. 鹽池收妖 Immortal Taming Flood

    • 7. 八仙過海 Immortals Crossing the Sea

    • 8. 遊神折花 Bending Flower Stalk

    • 9. 太公釣魚 Casting Fishing Line

    • 10. 哪吒跨海 Leaping over Ocean

    • 11. 絕影過河 Beyond Shadow

    • 12. 二仙傳道 Two Immortals

    • 13. 劉海戲蟾 Immortal Fishing Toad

    • 14. 重陽架霧 Looking Over Territory

    • 15. 劍仙天遁 Immortal Sacred Sword

    • 16. 仙道臨凡 The Way Descending

  • 6

    Chapter 6. 套路教學 Form Instruction

    • 套路教學 Form instruction

Immortals Tai Chi 八仙過海太極

Harmony and Balance 中和合道

The theories behind are profound. The practice is extraordinary. The accomplishment does not come by chance. Only long term daily routine practice could bring out the health benefits. 道理深奧 以意運氣 非一朝一夕之鍛鍊可以成就 學者虛心鑽研 練一天長一天功 長期練習方能成功